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Episode 8: Body Awareness that supports health and our abilities at a core level

(Updated to be released on March 29 ,2016)

Although this page is not designed to give a detailed description of the theory behind YURU IDEOLOGY, a brief explanation of this concept is necessary. In YURU IDEOLOGY, the first important principle is YURU, or the idea that flow is the true essence of all existence in nature, followed by the second principle of BODY AWARENESS. This structure of awareness has come about as a result of my 50 years of research. It exists between body and mind, forming an undifferentiated area of the two, while being intricately and consistently connected to both body and mind.

The factors that contain the structures of dots, lines, planes and solid figures are divided into 50 major classifications (the concepts of center, axis, and sei-chu-sen or center axis that have all been recognized and emphasized on throughout history in the fields of martial arts, sports, and ballet are the examples of straight-line structures. Tanden is an example of a sphere structure that has also been emphasized on throughout history in the fieds of eastern martial arts and Zen, or other practice methods). These factors are broken down into 500 different types, which have physical-like qualities such as being strong/weak, hard/soft, heavy/light, hot/cold, dense, viscose, slippery, elastic, etc. These factors also have various degrees of mobility such as shifting, rotating, shaking, and undulating. Through continued research, it has recently been found that each of these factors has an enormous impact on both mental and physical health at a fundamental level. Furthermore, a system has been developed that focuses on strengthening these factors through training, thus fundamentally improving and strengthening one’s health and ability. YURU EXERCISE effectively incorporates the results of this research and development, and has been carefully designed to use simple and easy methods in order to improve and strengthen these various Body Awareness factors.

For those interested in learning more about Body Awareness factors for YURU EXERCISE, please consider reading the book “The Power of Body Awareness,” designed for those new to YURU EXERCISE and which provides detailed information regarding Body Awareness factors.

Classic Examples of Body Awareness

  • 【Classic Examples of Body Awareness 1】
  • 代表的な身体意識図
  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.
  • 【Classic Examples of Body Awareness 2】
  • 代表的な身体意識図
  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.
  • Center
  • The most important body awareness, a vertical line that goes straight up and down through the body. The Center is a unifying technical concept that has also been traditionally referred to as the axis, seichu-sen (central axis), etc. This Center has a decisive effect on tension release, optimal body usage, and sensing and controlling one’s center of gravity, and mental control.
  • Upper Tanden
  • Provides wisdom, superb concentration, cognition, cogitation, judgment, and insight. Furthermore, it brings about will power and the ability to take action. It functions like a command tower, controlling the Middle and Lower Tanden so that they function properly.
  • Middle Tanden
  • The source of one’s fighting spirit, passion, drive, love for others, as well as proactiveness, courage, and self-confidence. The Middle Tanden produces an attractiveness and leadership to motivate others to be enthusiastic. It naturally draws in energy of hot quality.
  • Lower Tanden
  • Traditionally called the “Hara” (stomach), the Lower Tanden has been considered as very important throughout the ages. It brings about a firm and unshakable calmness, courage, and imperturbability, and is the source of stable, solid postures and movements.
  • Side Axes
  • The Side Axes run along the right and left sides of the body, which is divided via seichu-men (the central plane) into the left and right side. These Axes allow the body to operate either side independently. They are ordered as first, second and third Side Axes, where the first Side Axis is closest to the median plane.
  • Right-Left Head Axis
  • Just like the Front-Back Head Axis, the Right-Left Head Axis runs through the Upper Tanden, refining and strengthening it.
  • Vest
  • Allows flowing movements in the back and chest, centering around the scapulae and clavicle bones. Once formed, this line can be used almost like one large joint, significantly enhancing upper body movements.
  • Bolero
  • Enables one to control the area from the scapular region to the arms as one integrated unit with heavy quality. It considers one arm as one weight/mass body, and provides high performance in using its physical quantity.
  • Shoulder Covering Surface
  • The curved surface between the ribs and Isolated Shoulder Body that consists of the shoulder joint, scapular, clavicle, and other groups of surrounding muscles. Once created, the Shoulder Covering Surface releases the ribs and enables smooth and speedy upper body movement.
  • Shinden Stream
  • Pulls in energy of warm and hot quality from the earth, which it then provides to the Middle Tanden and Palm. When making deep, large movements with the armpits, this Shinden Stream produces a flying-like movements. It also has an effect on the depth of one’s emotional reserves.
  • Gaia Stream
  • A Body Awareness of streamlined movement that channels energy from the Gaia into the various parts of the body.
  • Palm
  • Formed by energy of warm and hot quality, which gathers around the center of the hand. The Palm can encourage or arouse others. It also enables the intricate and flexible control of the hands.
  • Gaia Palm
  • Pulls in energy from the Gaia (the earth as a living body), which is gathered in the palms and forearms. The Gaia Palm is closely connected to one’s connection with the earth and the ability to nurture others or raise agricultural produce.
  • Chi-ju-kon (Ground Weight Root)
  • Closely linked to the center of the earth, the Chi-Ju-Kon forms the foundation for the Lower Tanden. The Chi-Ju-Kon is the base of Body Awareness of the heavy quality. It is also the origin of Japanese expressions such as, “fix the root of mindset” (be mentally strong), or, “have a rooted mind” (have perseverance).
  • Wall
  • The Dynamic Wall works to move the entire body powerfully and smoothly. The Static Wall prevents excessive movements.
  • Gaia Tornado
  • A spiraling Body Awareness that channels energy from the Gaia into the entire body. It can also be considered as an extraordinary form of the Gaia Stream.
  • Arch
  • Strengthens one’s relationship with others. The paths it travels vary, for example paths entering from the Middle or Upper Tanden to those tracing along the back (Miyamoto Masashi type).
  • Slicer
  • Physically cuts and separates the body at the Body Awareness level. By sliding along these surfaces, one generates movements that are unrestrained. There are horizontal and cross slicers.
  • Tenshi (Rolling Hip Joint)
  • Formed at the center of the hip joint, the Tenshi enhances lower body movements significantly. It is required for standing, walking, and running at a high level of performance.
  • Uratenshi (Back Push)
  • When the Uratenshi is effective, the hamstrings -which includes muscles such as the biceps femoris muscles- are activated, which generates powerful forward movements and forward power.
  • Jin Blade
  • Loosens the lower body, allowing one to move without one’s opponent noticing. The Jin Blade also allows one to move in a smooth and swift fashion. It allows the high-leveled release of muscle tension and the ability to have an unrestrained mindset. There are inside and outside Jin Blades.
  • Boat
  • The Boat separates the body from gravity, creating a state where one feels like they are floating. This allows flexible and diverse movement without feelings of restraint. At a mental level, it also helps to produce unrestrained ideas.
  • The Ryushu (the Powerboat)
  • This is a Boat in which forward propulsion power and forward momentum have been added. It creates the powerful ability to move where one feels like they are actually flying upward and forward. The areas in which the Sailing Boat runs through and enters the body vary.
  • Front-Back Head Axis
  • The second axis runs through the Upper Tanden. The Front-Back Head Axis also runs through the Upper Tanden, refining and strengthening it.
  • Parabola
  • Controls the cognition of large spaces, which differs from movement and space in everyday life. The Parabola’s size and length are correlated to the scale of space it can recognize.
  • Back Center
  • Powerfully supports the body and mind from the rear. It also works to help the Center.
  • Laser
  • Connects one to their objectives in a straight line. It produces consistency in one’s actions, and allows one to achieve those objectives. It also ensures a stable path in travelling movements.

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