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Yuru exercise has been available for anyone to learn to teach since September 21st, 2015, the United Nations' International Day of Peace.
*We call this the "Full-scale launch of Yuru Exercise."

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Episode 9: I entrust the use and teaching of “YURU exercise” to people all over the world

(Updated to be released on March 29 ,2016)

YURU Ideology, YURU Theory, YURU Practice, YURU Care Exercise, and YURU Exercise are all a part of the system known as YURU. As for the size of the system, it is as large as yoga’s massive mind-and-body exercise system, which originated in India. But if you look at its details, YURU system is comprised of a new unique set of ideology, theory, and method, which are totally different from yoga. For 50 years, we have been creating and developing principles, a structure for the whole system, various minor classifications and systems it covers, as well as over 10,000 individual methods that make up the whole system. Based on these methods, this website is designed to introduce the beginner YURU Care Exercise course that includes YURU Exercise and its accompanying methods.

The individual methods of YURU Exercise appear quite easy and simple, and are designed to give great comfort and health benefits with ease, making this program accessible even for first time users. However, thorough scientific calculations have been carried out to enable a long-time practice to produce a profound result, allowing the practitioners to achieve more profound progress by actively practicing this exercise method for many years, or even for a lifetime. That is why, as I partially explained before, when we authorize YURU Exercise instructors, we as the developers of this exercise train these instructors thoroughly, improving their leadership and other skills so that those who experience YURU Exercise can gain an even greater health benefit and find a path to higher achievement. This is the second reason why, in Japan, only official YURU Exercise instructors who have obtained certification that we, the developers of YURU, provide are authorized to teach. We require this certification because we feel strongly that it is important in order to provide a high quality learning environment for those who learn YURU Exercise.

As I have watched the whole world closely, standing on a vast, higher ground outside of the small island nation Japan, I have realized that many people, not only in Japan, but all around the world have various mental, physical and social problems, and have felt that in these vast areas YURU Care Exercise is desperately needed. This is why I began to feel strongly that more people, more areas, more organizations and more nations in the world should use YURU Care Exercise without delay for their own benefit. This meant providing full instructor licensing throughout the world, while firmly maintaining the integrity of the instructor licensing system in Japan.