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Yuru exercise has been available for anyone to learn to teach since September 21st, 2015, the United Nations' International Day of Peace.
*We call this the "Full-scale launch of Yuru Exercise."

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To All of Us Humankind…

Episode 1: My hope to create an infrastructure of exercises for all human being

(Updated to be released on December 31, 2014)

 I have developed a low-cost/high return exercise program that would surely and strongly help all the people that belong to us homo sapience to improve their health as well as physical and mental abilities. With extremely simple and easy-to-do methods, this exercise, when performed correctly, is scientifically aimed to completely alter the state of our body and mind to achieve far more comfortable, extremely healthy and enriched lives. For organizations or nations adopting this exercise appropriately, there are unlimited possibilities, including greatly reduced risk of medical and disability incidents, greatly increased vitality as well as tolerance to others and to the surrounding, a which could potentially change the way it operates altogether. We call this program “YURU EXERCISE.” We wish for it to become the infrastructure of exercises for the humankind as we now release it to the world for the first time ever.

 The population of Earth will soon reach eight billion. We have so many differences in terms of environment, economy, medical care, education, health and welfare, sports and physical training. Economically advanced countries can offer the best education and medical and social care, including top-class sports complexes and training facilities, in order to maintain or improve people’s health. Yuru exercise, when properly performed, can potentially further improve one’s physical and mental conditions, even for those in wealthier nations that already enjoy excellent opportunities to develop or enhance their abilities. This is because even the best medical and social care, education, physical and mental trainings, and capacity building have something in common: they all lack some extremely important and fundamental factors, which Yuru exercise can supplement and improve with remarkable efficiency.

 Meanwhile, there are people living in nations and regions that are less fortunate due to their natural environment, or with less access to adequate economy, medicine, education, health and social services, and sports and physical trainings. They can also expect a great benefit and potentiality in the versatility of Yuru exercise when properly incorporated, since it can be done extremely safely, with very low cost, can be learned easily, can be executed easily, can make into a routine, and can be applied with versatility in various areas such as alternative medicine, preventive medicine, health and welfare, reproductive health, psychological care, physical and health education in schools, improvement of competition skills, and trainings, etc. Properly executed Yuru exercise can become the infrastructure of exercises for the human body which encourages, from the most basic level of our physical body, the improvement of health and capabilities for anyone in the world in various state of their existence, to improve all sorts of aspects in life.

Example of “extremely simple and easy-to-do exercise”

Calf “Kozo-Kozo” Exercise, Hip “Mozo-Mozo” Exercise, Shin “Pula-Pula” Exercise

  • Calf “Kozo-Kozo” Exercise
  • Husband:42 years old, office worker, practicing Yuru Exercise for 5 years
  • Wife:37 years old, part-time worker, practicing Yuru Exercise for 1 year

●A conversation of a couple hooked on Calf “Kozo-Kozo” Exercise

  • Wife:“Oh, I feel so good!”
  • Husband:“I like this feeling, shaking off my fatigue from the day completely.”
  • Wife: “Thanks to this exercise, my calves have become much thinner.”
  • Husband:“You were always complaining of the chills, but not anymore.”
  • Wife:“True. Besides, I have been sleeping better lately, which is keeping my skin tone in better condition, and I rarely catch a cold.”
  • Husband:“Look at me. Have you noticed that I have become taller?”
  • Wife:“Yes, I’ve noticed that. But, why? People don’t get taller in their 40s, do they?”
  • Husband:“Of course not, but as I’ve become good at doing this exercise and relaxing my legs up to my backbone, each time I move my legs in this “Kozo-Kozo” way, the inner muscles pull each vertebra, stretching out the intervertebral discs between each of them.”
  • Wife:“You mean, a compressed and condensed backbone can be stretched out?”
  • Husband:“That’s right. I can walk or run faster with ease, and I feel as if the wind is blowing through my body, which makes me feel fantastic!”
  • Wife:“I know what you mean! I too feel great whatever I do!”
  • Husband:“Isn’t it a wonder, just relaxing the body by rubbing or shaking generates such a comfortable energy.”
  • Wife:“I had no idea how much happiness my body can offer to me!”


  • <Physical Health> Takaoka’s compilation of views shared by 12 Western medical doctors with good knowledge of and experience in Yuru Exercise.
  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.
  • <abilities> Takaoka’s compilation of views shared by 10 Kinesiologists and specialized instructors of physical exercises.
  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.

●Videos of Yuru exercises

  • CALF “Kozo-Kozo” EXERCISE
  • HIP “Mozo-Mozo” EXERCISE
  • SHIN “Pula-Pula” EXERCISE

●Scientific experiment with Calf “Kozo-Kozo” Exercise and two other Yuru Exercises

The two charts below show the result of scientific experiment on how ordinary persons’ walking forms changed before and after implementing Calf “Kozo-Kozo” Exercise and two other Yuru Exercises. We had 5 testers implement 3 Yuru Exercises for 5 minutes. We videotaped them walking before and after the exercises. Their motions were then analyzed with our computer programs.

  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.
  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.

●Explanations of the Charts

  • [Chart A “The path traced by the height of the tiptoe while walking”]
  • The height of the tiptoe while walking forms a curve as described in the chart. It gets to the lowest when the tiptoe pass the pivot foot, and goes up again before landing. The lowest tiptoe heights of the natural walking movements decides the superiority of the walking exercise.
  • [Chart B “Comparison of the change of the lowest tiptoe heights before and after Yuru Exercises”]
  • After implementing Yuru Exercises for 5 minutes, the lowest height of the tiptoe rose 4.6mm or 35% on average, showing that Yuru Exercises apparently improved walking movement. These experiments proved that improvement can be expected for overall physical movements including walking and running by implementing Yuru Exercises.
  • [Related Information]
  • ・By visual observation, the walking stride length and speed increased significantly and the walking movements became youthful and dynamic after implementing Yuru Exercises.
  • ・The testers unanimously agreed that they all felt, after implementing Yuru Exercises, as though they could walk faster without effort, or they felt more comfortable when walking. Other individual opinions were “I felt as if the wind was pushing me forward and I could walk with more ease,” “I was like carried by the force of something not my own,” “I felt as if my feet were carried forward automatically,” “My stride became longer naturally,” “My feet were light when I lifted them as if they had wings, and when they landed they were more stable than before as if they were attracted to the ground,” “I could take the strain off my upper body and breathe easier,” “The center of my body is now stable, making the posture proper and my walking has become easier,” and “I feel like I could walk forever.”

●How to do Calf “Kozo-Kozo” Exercise

  • Do not put too much force, press or rub your calves too hard, or stroke fast as if exercising to a rapid rhythm. In doing so, the exercise could become unsafe and ineffective.
  • Wear long trousers at all time while exercising. Short pants will expose your calves and knees, and the bare skins rub each other with long strokes may cause pain of abrasions. Make short strokes of approximately 3cm while being careful not to rub your skin too much.
  • ・Relax your whole body, especially the calf and the front of the thigh, the ankle of the lifted leg.
  • ・Move the lifted leg with mostly short strokes of approximately 5cm, with occasional longer and shorter strokes, slowly and carefully, feeling good and a comfortable pain.Try to find the spot on the whole area of your calf where you feel good and a comfortable pain.
  • ・Chanting “Kozo-Kozo” will make this exercise more effective.

●When and where to do Calf “Kozo-Kozo” Exercise

  • ・Do the exercise twice a day in the morning and evening in bed. You may additionally do it when you feel like to, two or three times a day during a break at workplace, school, or at home.
  • ・It is also effective to do this exercise as a warm-up or a cool-down exercise for any sport, muscle training, dancing, or Yoga.
  • ・Continue this exercise for 2 at shortest to 10 minutes at longest in total for both calves.