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Yuru exercise has been available for anyone to learn to teach since September 21st, 2015, the United Nations' International Day of Peace.
*We call this the "Full-scale launch of Yuru Exercise."

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Episode 6: 12-years' process for verification necessary to opening the Yuru exercise

(Updated to be released on May 31 ,2015)

In 2002, two years after its creation, we started promoting Yuru exercise throughout Japan with its formal adoption in a healthy long life project in Japan’s Mie Prefecture. However, I did not open this exercise method to anyone to teach freely, but by making it a closed system of about 800 certified instructors who obtained the strict instructor qualification set by us the developers, I limited the promotion range. The reason why I did not adopt a policy of promoting the exercise wider in Japan unrestricted is because, as a scientist, I considered it essential to have the process of 10 or more years’ trials and observations to carefully examine and verify whether if this exercise method satisfies all the required conditions at a high level for “an infrastructure of exercises for all people” I had scientifically designed, such as to be safe, universal, easy, generally accepted, regularly practiced, continued, and cost effective.

For 12 years since its start in 2002, about 800 certified instructors have provided instruction for more than 600,000 times as estimated to more than 10 million lesson participants in total. Based on this experience and results collected, I finally concluded that I can firmly consider that this exercise method satisfies all conditions at a high level, such as to be safe enough to be allowed for promotion to all human being, to be universally worthy to be promoted to them, to be the easiest for anyone to master, to be generally accepted by anyone to be used in various fields, to be regularly practiced in people’s daily lives even without thinking, to be continued all through people’s lives, and to be cost effective enough to be available for all people.

However, even though I set a strict limit to the promotion range, many enthusiasts have appeared in addition to the 800 certified instructors in Japan, and the enthusiasts have strongly supported us. With such positive support from them, and also as I witness every day the practitioners realizing the body’s greatness, depth, and richness, and out of that realization of the true attraction of the body, they love their body, and then supported by the sense of deep and rich happiness, they implement body and mind improvement comfortably and energetically as their excellent habit that continues through their lives. It has been my great joy, together with those practitioners of Yuru Exercise, to deepen the love for the earth and human being, and to provide instruction of the exercise method with potential to contribute to the earth and human being and promote it wider.

This time, not only the people in Japan, but through this website and my books, it has become possible to deliver this exercise method to the people in the world. It is all owing to the tremendous understanding, support, and cooperation of the greatly large number of Japanese enthusiasts, instructors, doctors, researchers, governmental staff, and people in various organizations. I am deeply grateful for that.

The factors essentially required for exercise as “a body infrastructure for all human being”

Hideo Takaoka considers, from the view of kinesiology, that a body infrastructure of exercises for human being requires the following seven conditions.

  • (1) Safety
  • (2) Universality
  • (3) Easiness
  • (4) Generality
  • (5) Regularity
  • (6) Continuity
  • (7) Economy (Cost Effectivity)

As a result of more than 10-years’ trials and observations, Hideo Takaoka concluded that Yuru Exercise satisfies all the conditions above at a high level.

  • 6つの条件

The system of instructor certification exam is the basic premise to open Yuru Exercises worldwide!!

●Getting exercise is as important as health care?!

It is needless to say that the reason why medical care and medicine used in its process are strictly reviewed by the national government is because they are directly related to its people’s lives and health. Then, how about exercises for health???

The answer is that they are totally uncontrolled. They can be created and taught by anyone without any regulations and, in a rather vulgar way to say, they are completely in an uncontrolled state. Several years ago, an instructor who used to provide training to the U.S. army created an exercise which was frequently talked about in many TV programs. At the first glance I wondered “how many people will this exercise cause injuries to and send them to orthopedic clinics?” Sure enough, among the people who saw the TV programs or purchased the DVD and practiced the exercise, many had sprains and strains, leading them to orthopedic clinics.

It was a rather extreme example, but there have been other examples, such as an exercise created based on ballet movements by a former ballerina retired after injuring several parts of the body while practicing ballet, or an exercise created with exact leg and back movements of a Japanese traditional dance by a dancer who cannot dance anymore after knee injury, or as an extreme example, a muscle training exercise, created by a researcher who is an expert in the field of muscle training, with movements which caused 30% of the elders who practiced it to develop knee injuries. In the realm of the exercises for health, extremely irresponsible activities lacking principles or consideration have been repeated. I also believe that attitude of mass media should be severely questioned for, without responsible reviews, seeking new topics covering them without any guarantees of minimum level of safety, in other words, treating a health exercise as a material for consumption.

If we recognize that health exercises are deeply related to the lives and health of the nation, in launching Yuru Exercise in full scale, it is essential to carry out trial instructions and, based on the outcome, to improve the exercise and instruction method, for at least three years, or desirably five years, or even more than 10 years in the case the system is expansive and influential. The reason why I established a strict system to certify instructors and implemented the trial in an exclusive closed system for 12 years was basically out of my reasonable ethic view as a developer and presenter of an exercise deeply related to human lives and health.

●What is the Yuru Exercise instructor certification exam?

The status of Yuru Exercise instructor is a qualification with which qualifies you to teach Yuru Exercise for profit or non-profit. The Japan Yuru Association (NPO), and Research Institute of Kinesiology provide certification exams following the regulated procedure, and certify instructors who meet the set standard to instruct Yuru Exercise.

●The meaning of taking the Yuru Exercise certification exam after the full-scale launch

After the full-scale launch of Yuru Exercise on September 21, 2015, anyone even without an instructor’s certificate may open a Yuru Exercise class by him/herself, or teach Yuru Exercise to a large number of people for profit.

Then, what the meaning will be to attend the training courses before the exam and take the exam for Yuru Exercise Instructor certification, especially for regular instructor certification which is highly difficult? We can assume the following:

  • ・To directly see and fully know the exercise method that satisfies the seven conditions required for “an infrastructure of exercises for all human beings.” It is especially important to learn about safety.
  • ・To accurately learn the “original forms” of Yuru Exercise as the developer considers to be the model forms, and try to obtain a good learning effect and achievement.
  • ・To accurately understand the level of your own improvement and make the exam an opportunity to develop your ability further.
  • ・To obtain the opportunity to interact with other practitioners of Yuru Exercise.
  • ・By obtaining certificate of an instructor, to enhance your credibility and build trust from the government, educational, research, medical, and welfare bodies, as well as students and members of community schools and sports clubs.

●Yuru Exercise Project for the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011, Japan Yuru Association (NPO) launched the Yuru Exercise Project for the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support, and sent many Yuru Exercise instructors to the affected areas and carried out support activities.

Hideo Takaoka himself visited the hospitals and evaluation sites in the affected areas of Iwaki City, Miharu Town, Koriyama City, Soma City, and Minamisoma City of Fukushima Prefecture. To more than 100 medical staff including doctors and nurses, as well as many disaster victims, he taught Yuru Exercise, and also distributed free hand towels with illustration of Yuru Exercise for easy understanding.

Also after three weeks, at the Eve Festival of Soma Nomaoi wild horse chase festival held in Soma City of Fukushima Prefecture on July 22, He supported a project where Kazuyasu Terajima, a young and most talented Kabuki actor of the day, who is also a Yuru Exercise regular instructor (when he serves as a Yuru Exercise instructor of Japan Yuru Association, he goes with his real name Kazuyasu Terajima), performed a program “Fuji musume”, having the disaster victims deeply appreciated.

  • Yuru Exercise Project for the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support, was developed out of the hope that those affected by the disaster would gain happiness once more
  • 震災支援プロジェクト
  • 震災支援プロジェクト
  • Instructing carefully how to use the Yuru Exercise hand towels
  • 震災支援プロジェクト
  • The Yuru Exercise hand towels distributed for free to the disaster victims (Not for sale)
  • 震災支援プロジェクト
  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.
  • We had prepared hand towels for sale made separately from the towels for free distribution. We sold them to people in various fields, and with that sales profit, we made free towels to present to the disaster victims. About 16,000 hand towels were handed in person at the visit for instruction and distributed through health care centers, city offices, etc., for free, as our Great East Japan Earthquake recovery support.
  • 震災支援プロジェクト
  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.
  • List of Support Activities (Excerpted)

●Videos of Yuru exercises


  • HEEL “Kuru-Kuru” EXERCISE