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Yuru exercise has been available for anyone to learn to teach since September 21st, 2015, the United Nations' International Day of Peace.
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Episode 4: One of the purposes of developing Yuru exercise was to integrate exercise and massage and to realize the most scientifically cost effective method.

(Updated to be released on April 20 ,2015)

Looking back at the world where we humans live, a number of exercises have been invented throughout history. There are active exercise methods (we hereby call these exercises “active exercise”) such as gymnastics and sports training that can improve a variety of physical skills and health, and passive exercise methods (we hereby call these exercises “passive exercise”) such as massage and various bathing methods which can increase the body’s blood circulation, fluid circulation, metabolism, immune system, autonomic nerves, as well as improve hormonal balance and help the body recover from exhaustion. Various sports, yoga, breathing methods, Qigong, Tai Chi, walking, jogging, strength training, stretching, and Pilates are included in active exercises. Passive exercises include massage, sports massage, spa treatment, chiropractic, acupuncture, moxibustion, electrical massage devices, electrical massage chairs, various bathing methods such as shower, sauna, bathing, hot springs, bedrock bathing, and use of other beddings and devices that are aimed at improving health. (We excluded conventional medicine such as drugs, medicines, medical devices and supplements from passive exercise.)

In various historic environments and conditions and through various methods, humans have chosen and adopted different forms of activity as they have become available to them, or according to their tendencies such as their own interests, concerns, or values.

However, in these traditional exercising methods, cost effectiveness in the strict sense was nonexistent. There haven’t been any method that had various efficacies on both the physical and the mental side with cost effectiveness, in mind. The cost-effectiveness referred here includes the time required to execute each method, any mental and physical costs such as the effort and labor and fatigue relating to each method and other economical costs.




Episode 5: Yuru exercise, a revolutionary exercise program we can recommend with confidence to all people, has been created.

(Updated to be released on April 20 ,2015)

I believe that the history mentioned previously was the result of strict control by old-fashioned concepts where one could achieve excellent results from activities in exchange for the equivalent time, mental and physical effort and economical cost. (Or sometime many times more than the results.)

With that kind of idea, it is impossible for all humankind on this earth to find a way to alleviate daily mental and physical fatigue with high efficiency while maximizing the effectiveness of improving health and creating a mind that is open and resistant to stress, while decreasing the wide range of ailments and injuries, and life time medical cost. It is impossible because, in order for all humans to succeed, we all need to be able to access the best available passive and active exercises. But to able to do that with conventional exercises, either passive or active, it is clear that the cost needed would be astronomical. So to make the impossible possible and to solve this problem, there was no other way than to invent an infrastructural method that is available daily and normally to all human. In accordance with this background and ideas, and based on a wide range of scientific and philosophical research, I have been thoroughly practicing and researching a variety of physical and mental training and care myself over the years. I tried to research and develop an entirely new body development method to completely integrate both passive and active exercises based on high efficiency success in the idea of “Kankai.”

As a result, in the millennium year 2000, I finally created a systematical training method which I can recommend to any human being on earth precisely because of its cost effectiveness, success in achieving “Kankai” and integration of both passive and active exercises. This is the Yuru exercise you see on this website.

This exercise method is based on the research on animal cell, fish and mammal, advanced traditional Japanese martial arts and dance. It is also based on two kinds of Kankai methods, namely “Shaking and Loosening Method” and “Rubbing and Loosening Method” and constructed in the way to execute multiple methods such as “Breathing and Loosening Method,” “Speech and Loosening Method,” “Laughing and Loosening Method,” and “Cooperative Loosening Method.” Moreover, there is a potent basis for recovering from physical and mental fatigue and the method integrates excellent merits of both passive and active exercises with an extremely simple and easy exercise method while making it possible to achieve the result in an overwhelming highly effective manner. That is why, when executed correctly, this exercise would surely improve heath or a wide range of physical abilities at the root while cultivating an open and stress resistant mind. It was created as an innovative infrastructural exercise method to hopefully let you realize your great physical possibilities.

Super easy and comfortable exercises in extremely comfortable postures gives both higher physical ability development and a self-massaging effect that is superior to advanced massage therapy!

In order to effectively alleviate daily brain or physical fatigue, improve health and ability, become open-minded, have a mind that is tolerant to stress, and finally reduce the dependence on medical care and being looked after, it is absolutely necessary for All of Us Humankind to adopt the best possible active exercise method available in our society today, as well as using the best possible passive exercise methods such as massages. But to realize this is only something we can dream of.

Yuru exercise embodies all merits including exercise, massage, chiropractic methods, acupressure, and bathing therapy at the same time. It is designed and created to be safe and easy as well as unimaginably cost effective compared to other conventional methods.

  • If it’s done precisely, it is possible to:
  • ・Improve brain and body related functions
  • ・Relaxing and loosening both the mind and body
  • ・Improve overall metabolism
  • ・Recover from fatigue
  • ・Adjust the overall balance of both skeletal structure and muscles

In short, with Yuru exercise, something that was previously impossible to realize, has now become a reality.

  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.

What would it look like if we were to substitute the effects of Yuru exercise with conventional exercise, massage, chiropractic methods, or acupressure? Though you can’t expect the same effect as Yuru exercise, it might look as shown below.

In order to achieve a similar effect of just the CALF “Kozo-Kozo” EXERCISE, you would need a combination of both active and passive exercises. For passive exercises, you would need to use an electric massage chair (back to hip and lower limbs) and to receive a massage or chiropractic adjustment (back-hip-lower limbs). As for active exercise, you would have to do a step exercise such as ascending and descending stairs, and professional training to strengthen the psoas major muscle.

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In order to achieve effects comparable to a beginner’s average level of Back and Hip “Mozo-Mozo” EXERCISE, you need to have a pretty good overall trunk massage as well as high level trunk strengthening exercise based on muscle relaxation, such as stretching, core training, functional training, or coordination training. Moreover, in order to achieve effects comparable to an expert’s level in the Back and Hip “Mozo-Mozo” EXERCISE, you would have to undergo expensive top quality massage therapy and trunk development training.

  • The chart above can be enlarged by clicking on it.

From the perspective of time efficiency, it is almost impossible to combine getting a massage and doing exercise, which would also be expensive. So why is this possible with Yuru exercise? It is because Yuru exercise, for the first time in history, succeeded in realizing the effects of both of the following two plans; the scientific plan, from the beginning of research and development, to realize both the effects of active exercise and passive exercise such as massage, chiropractic methods, acupressure, as well as shower and bathing therapy; and also another scientific plan for people to be able to exercise in the most cost effective way.

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