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Episode 7: What is “YURU IDEOLOGY”?

(Updated to be released on June 30 ,2015)

I have been originating my own unique ideology, called “YURU IDEOLOGY,” applying philosophy and science as a base. Under “YURU IDEOLOGY,” I also have created a massive system of practice called “YURU PRACTICE” for the purpose of strengthening and improving mind and body’s fundamental abilities. “YURU THEORY” has also been created as a theoretical foundation that supports “YURU PRACTICE.” “YURU EXERCISE” lies at the base of “YURU PRACTICE” as a system comprised of only those exercises for any humankind that require the smallest effort to gain maximum results, and for an extremely low cost for a high return.

I have been using the word “YURU” that I realize you are perhaps unfamiliar with. YURU is my creation in Japanese and in Kanji (Chinese character) it’s written as “由流.” YURU is one of the fundamental concepts of my ideology and also is regarded as the concept that represents the first principle of YURU IDEOLOGY. In the narrow sense, the word “YURU” represents the fluidity of the essence of the nature. In the broad sense, it states, “the essence of the whole of creation is fluid and human beings is a part of the creation. Therefore, human beings can acquire true knowledge of our physical self, true love for our physical self, true physical happiness, true love for our planet as well as true compassion, and the true path to our existence by practicing and executing the physical activities that have the fluidity as the fundamental principle”. Furthermore, what embodies the fluidity aforementioned here is “Kankai Exercise (loosening motions)” which has been mentioned repeatedly in my episodes, and is the most crucial exercise principle that support YURU EXERCISE.

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